Karma Debt: The Revelation, Book 2

Donovan McBride has not only survived a near-fatal accident but found love with the amazing Josephine Kenneth. Traveling the world and a wedding seem like well-deserved rewards for the struggles of the past. However, when Donovan catches a glimpse of an angel of death once again, he begins to fear that his happiness could be ending.
A contemporary tale of love and dedication, “Karma Debt: The Revelation” picks up right where the previous book left off, and continues to explore the good and bad things that happen to people, destiny, and karma culminating in a tear-jerking love story for the ages. A stunning romance where death stalks a happy couple! This is one story that should definitely be read in series order to achieve the most impact. While some readers might find this tale’s version of destiny and karma difficult to swallow, the love and determination of the characters while facing the hardest choices in life are so vividly written, so heart wrenching… tears are inevitable.
Featuring several stages of grief and joy, this tale builds up the plot smoothly, with only minor hitches in the conflict such as Josephine’s sudden shift on children that lacks development. Despite that, the process in which Josephine and Donovan deal with death is beautifully done and readers will find this book is one fans of stories like “The Notebook” will adore!
Sarah E Bradley