Jump (The Senses, #1)


Balen is a Senses Tracker, Danielle is a mortal woman. When they are captured and tortured by the vampire Ryszard, Balen finally agrees to drink Ryszard’s blood in exchange for letting Danielle go free. In the world of the Senses, the drinking of vampire blood brings the penalty of death, but Balen evades capture for two years while he fights and then defeats the poisonous blood in his system. Free of the blood thirst he secretly visits Danielle to see how she is doing before turning himself in to his leader, Waleron. However, there is evil moving about in the human realm and Balen’s sentencing will have to wait.


What a unique world Cindy Paterson has created! Senses, Wraiths, vampires and the truly nasty Central World Others that involve many different species of paranormal baddies. Senses are pledged to protect humans and must do all they can to that end. When Balen drinks the vampire blood, he does it to protect Danielle yet he knows he’ll be put to death for drinking it. Talk about a rock and a hard place! Yet when he defeats the poisonous blood he has done something no other Senses has done. The surprises don’t stop there though. So much is going down that the Senses are barely staying on top of things. The fast-paced plot twists and turns of this thrilling ride is filled with excellent characters and snappy dialogue. Fans of paranormal romance won’t want to miss this fantastic new world!


Carol Conley