Judgment of Souls: Kiss at Dawn

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GOTHIC HORROR:  Castle bound creature of the night Rachel de Grosnez hasn't been experiencing much luck lately. Her heart has been shattered to pieces and her parents have been condemned to shame.  She convinces them to sleep until she can redeem their souls from the darkness and reinstall them back into the Elysium Temple.  Although Rachel is hundreds of years old, she tries to keep young by amusing herself participating in human events. Halloween night in Cardiff, Wales sets the stage for the beginning of the end when she enters a trendy Goth club and unintentionally falls in love with Daniel Moore, the owner. Once Daniel's friend is murdered by Max, a rival bloodsucker, Rachel becomes more involved in the horrid situation than she planned. Can an immortal possess enough fire in her cold heart to keep Daniel safe from harm forever?

Although this gothic thriller contains an oft-used plot, Felices' writing makes the reader visualize many aspects, and makes this book a happy addition to any vampire fan's bookshelf.  The author confesses that the club in her novel is real, and her being a resident of Cardiff helps us to envision the highly-detailed architecture and the remainders of the old Victorian city - the perfect setting to scare us silly. Her writing is so flawless that one could almost feel the heart-thumping bass from the nightclub's speakers. It wasn't a typical, overdone vampire novel, but fans of this genre may agree the storyline happened to be predictable, and quite frankly may side on the fact that it just needed a bit more "bite".


Jaime A. Geraldi