Jesus and Magdalene


SATIRE/HUMOR:  Jesus, Son of God has returned to Earth for the second time. With no fanfare, no miracles to display and no disciples to teach, he meets Magdalene, an environmental activist. Intrigued by her views on the present era, he befriends her. He soon discovers Magdalene and her group are hell-bent on the destruction of GMO crops by whatever means are at their disposal.  When Magdalene disagrees with the rest of the group about their methods, she and Jesus set off to another town. As Jesus travels with Magdalene observing humanity it becomes apparent that it might not be him who pays the ultimate price this time. 


It's not often that an author can take a time-worn tale and give it a unique spin for the modern reader. That's exactly what Mr. Cerquira does in “Jesus and Magdalene”. While the author showcases some exquisite prose, the dialogue leaves something to be desired. Many of the conversations feel like a rant upon a soap box. The characters in this book are written as stereotypical archetypes with little depth to them. Magdalene is portrayed to be a passionate environmentalist - however, she comes across as arrogant and struck with a savior complex. Jesus, on the other hand, is often times an ineffectual bystander whose divinity is only hinted at. Some readers may struggle with the slow moving plot, and the severe editing issues can take one out of the story. Although not a romance, this cerebral satire will challenge the reader to ask themselves thought-provoking questions. 


Chantel Hardge