Jerome (Black Mountain Pack 0.5)


In order to secure his pack’s survival, Jerome has to think outside the box, but convincing the rest of the supernatural world won’t be so easy. Traveling with Jerome to speak to the council, Sterling wants to make sure that Jerome makes it out of the meeting alive. After learning of unknown shifters on the pack’s land, Jerome and Sterling return home to discover a critically injured female shifter and a young cub who will change Jerome’s world forever.

The Alpha has made a decision that will change his pack forever in this prequel. The story starts off with him pondering this decision and how it will affect the pack. This draws readers into the story and holds them captive throughout as the author does a great job of building up the suspense of the story. Unfortunately, some readers may feel that Jerome got short-changed with how short his story is, especially with everything that it conveys. However, the characters are strong and vivid, and the series promises to be exciting and intriguing, with a controversial fix for ensuring the survival of not only his pack but all shifters. Jerome’s outside-the-box theory adds strife and tension to the story, and it’s barely gotten started. Jerome’s life-altering change adds romance and passion to the story, which, along with the suspense, ensures that it is an enjoyable read that readers will want more of.

E.L. Hurley