Jaded (Full Circle: A Forbidden Love Novel)


Jade Knight, born half vampire/ half human, had a loving and sheltered upbringing while surrounded by supernatural beings. Her parents were mated and she waited for the day hers would come and sweep her off her feet, just as her father had done for her mother. Michael lived on the other side of the country with his family. He too was a powerful supernatural but longed for a place of his own. Because of his need to prove himself, he set off cross-country for a job interview with Angel Knight, the most powerful vampire on the West coast.  He falls for the boss' daughter unaware that she was his mate, and as well as unearths a lethal enemy, the son of Satan.  Will Jade and Michael be able to battle their way back to each other and protect their families in the process? 

This was a fun read! The supernatural characters in this novel were very human in their love for one another. Their insecurities compelled their choices and desires pushed them forward. Enjoying the interactions of Jade's immediate family enriched the tale. Unique beings with even more unusual abilities took the reader to Hell, to Limbo, to dinner in LA, and back to the comfort of the suburbs all while following the love story of two beings not yet whole. Jade and Michael's love story was so much fun and a reason to backtrack through the rest of the series! 

Amy Willis