Ishtar's Legacy (Wild Women Book 3)


When a harpy who is trying to become pregnant threatens to expose her kind, Faline Frey and the American Wild Women have to step in. When the news hits the other factions of wild women and they learn that they could be exposed, they send their officials to gauge the situation. The other factions could start a war if they believe their secret will be revealed. Faline finds herself in the company of the man responsible for taking her mother from her and realizes just how much she could lose. She will have to work hard to get freedom for herself and her kind, but that is going to be difficult when she is a prisoner herself. 

Rachel Sullivan has brought her imagination to life in an amazing way. Readers will definitely have to go back and read the first two books in the series to catch up, as there are some points where they may find themselves a little lost. Despite this, the book pulls the reader in with a fast-paced plot and intriguing characters. There are some unique aspects to this story and it will hold on with a vice-like grip and refuse to let go. Overall, there is little to be disappointed in with this book. It has everything fantasy lovers will want as well as a little extra for those who like a good romance! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick