Invisible Magic (Alex Noziak, #1)

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Alex Noziak is a witch who was pulled from a prison sentence to work for the "Invisible Recruits", an agency who tries to keep peace between humans and non-humans.  After a training incident in which she almost causes the death of another team member Alex decides to leave the team and go back to prison.   The director of IR, Ling Mai, talks her and her team into taking on a mission to discover what is causing some new disturbances between the human and non-human world.  This group, known as the ‘Seekers’, are joining forces to do harm to humans; gathering personal information, and stealing the means to create germ warfare. Alex is sent on a solo reconnaissance mission to gather Intel about a famous clothing designer and members of his company, who may be an important lead to the Seekers actions.  The designer, Bran, is a powerful Warlock and ‘Word Wizard’; and he agrees to let Alex infiltrate his company to find out who is working with the Seekers and betraying him.   As Alex delves deeper into the actions of certain employees, death and magical mayhem ensue.

"Invisible Magic" is the first book of a new PNR/Spy Thriller series.  The premise is interesting; and Alex is a well-fleshed out character.  The plot line has elements of both thriller and spy caper, with supernatural events thrown in.  Whatever it is, it works well, and makes for an exciting story.  The book ends with the central plot line tied up; but with story arc threads left open for the next book in the series.   The fight against the ‘Seekers’ is just warming up for Alex and the IR team. Overall, it is an exhilarating story, and a quite enjoyable read!

Faith Turner