Ink It Over (A Touch of Ink #1)


The most amazing part about “Ink it Over” is actually its concept, which is original – not very common nowadays – and unique. Adeline, the protagonist, is a tattoo artist by day and a witch at night, using magical links and her tattoo skills to imbue spells of protection onto her clients. These wards can protect the people carrying them from a lot of treats, but unfortunately it can’t help Adeline from being hunted down by the Magistrate, the government of the witching society that doesn’t condone her handing out wards just like that. Nicholas Marks is tasked to hunt down Adeline, but he and Adeline might be forced to work together if they want to escape with their lives intact. 

The concept itself is phenomenal, and the characters are entertaining, especially Adeline who has a lot of sass and personality, but the book also has some downsides. The pacing is quite slow, and the reader never quite fully gets to explore the mystical, witchy world the author has created: the idea of magical tattoos is great, but the story never explores its full potential, at least not when it comes to world-building. It’s a shame, because getting to explore this world, which definitely sounds intriguing, would’ve made the book even better. Still, it’s a solid read for fans of paranormal romance looking for an original spin. 

Majanka Verstraete