Infatuation: The Story of the Snow Queen

J.D.L. Rowark

Kay and Grace are brother and sister, who are working one day in the Garden of Remembrance, a place one goes to find out if a deceased loved one will return. They find themselves caught in a gale of Snow Bees, and Kay disappears, only to find himself in the arms of the Snow Queen. They begin their journey towards the Snow Queen’s ice tower, an adventure that might change their lives forever, not to mention their world.
Grace is devastated when her mother tells her her brother Kay is dead. The next morning, awaking from a nightmare, she remembers a sparrow that had been sitting on her brother’s coffin pecking at his face. The sparrow tells her that thinking her brother dead is not true, and that she must fly like he has in order to catch him. Leaving her family without saying goodbye, Grace sets out to find what has happened to her brother.
Sound confusing?  It is!  Although submitted under the genre of paranormal, this novel seems much more science fiction.. One only gets very brief explanations into the purpose of things in this world, how the world came to be as it is, or what changes it into what it becomes years.  It just switches, then continues on, making the story incredibly hard to understand. The story also has a lot of religious overtones which don’t seem to fit, considering the amount and nature of the sex scenes.  Stories of this nature need much more clarity than what was given. If that glitch could be worked out, Mr. Rowark would be on the road to five star reads, as the writing, itself is wonderful!
Tonya Smalley