The Indivisible and the Void (Age of Axion #1)


Democryos is the Master Voider, the head of the university and advisor to the king. Each year he saves one student from the draft and sends them into the war-torn countryside to work magic and aid the people. Unfortunately, when his young wife leaves him without explanation, his search for answers reveals a darkness that tears apart his life and his beliefs. With the aid of a secretive harem girl, a guilt-stricken holy man, and a maimed soldier, Democryos might be able to stop an evil voider, find his wife, and save the country, but in doing so, he may also reveal a secret about voidance that could change everything and some will stop at nothing to keep hidden. 

An adventure that combines fantasy, religion, and a bit of sci-fi, “The Indivisible and the Void” is reminiscent of “Ender’s Game” and “Wizard’s First Rule” in that it takes a powerful character and makes them face truths about their power and their choices and actions that they don’t expect. The story has drama and action, moments of romance, self-reflection, and characters so vivid the reader will find themselves wanting to shake them at times in frustration. Despite a slow pace and cliff-hanger ending which will frustrate many, the story is so complex and the development is so well done, that lovers of both fantasy adventures and psychological sci-fi will find this tale hard to resist!

Sarah E Bradley