Immortal Love

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What would you do if you found out some of your favorite poets and writers, thought long gone, are still here, walking among us in the shadows? Would you talk to them, get to know them, run away? Or would you, perhaps, give more than you expected to, like your heart?
Carla never expected to be faced with this conundrum. Honestly, nobody does, do they? But, when she meets Bécquer (the famous Spanish writer) she’s forced to accept far more than that, like the existence of immortals and her new role in “that” world. The sexy writer will also ask for far more than she expected…Her body, blood and heart are the stakes with which the game is played. But when her adult son starts acting bedazzled by the new male in her life, Bécquer’s old lovers show up bearing warnings.  Suddenly others start feeling threatened by his interest in her and become violent.  This game might not be one she can afford to play, even if winning may get her the man she thinks she loves.
First, this is one amazingly beautiful cover!  Unfortunately, the old saying is true:  
You can’t judge a book... The idea was so original and filled with potential but the execution was lacking. The characters and the emotions portrayed lacked depth, the situations lacked prior explanation, the story lacked fluidity and consistency.  However, some ideas and elements of the story gave it a fresh glow and it never got dull. Certainly a story that’s not been told before!  
Mimi Smith