Immortal L.A.


Eric Czuleger makes his debut with a collection of tales about the history of L.A. as never heard before. The author deftly mixes accurate historical events with paranormal explanations using great attention to detail, including an explanation of why L.A. is so sunny! In his version of Los Angeles, the strange city we thought we knew is actually crawling with paranormal beings, and is just a cover for the ongoing battle between Heaven and Hell. The nearby San Andreas Fault is the gateway to Hell, while the Hollywood Hills are the mass graves of Angels. The interconnected stories introduce readers to the many characters and paranormals found in L.A.; including Satan, who maintains his youth with the help of a plastic surgeon, angels, werewolves, vampires and more.


Mr. Czuleger’s foray into the writing world is well-written with outstanding attention to detail and a witty and dry sense of humor that will have readers laughing until they cry. The imaginative stories correlate so well to the L.A. we know that readers may find themselves questioning if Mr. Czuleger knows something the rest of the world doesn’t!

Those in need of a break from reality will find it within the pages of this book.  Those not in need, well, they will love the book as well.  

Molly S. Daniels