Immortal Kiss


Ever since she can remember, a mist has looked over Beth and kept her from harm. When she meets Phillipe Delon, a vampire with a human soul, she is convinced that he is the mist that has been protecting her. As they get to know one another better, Beth moves in to Phillipe's mansion, and rather than denying their feelings for one another they give into them. The longer she stays at Phillipe’s mansion, the more she learns about herself and the truth about the mysterious mist.

Ms. Daleo has a real talent for description and she has created a vivid world for her readers to enjoy. The novel took a while to start, which might put some readers off. Impatient readers could give up on the book too soon. The characterizations were well done, but could have been drawn with more layers. From the very beginning Beth is immature and naïve, yet shows some promise of growing into an admirable character. Unfortunately, this doesn't happen. Beth lives in a fantasy that completely consumes her to the point of losing her job, her boyfriend and her identity. It's a bit unbelievable that Beth would move in with Phillipe as quickly as she does, leaving behind her current boyfriend. It is clear that Ms. Daleo has put a lot of thought and effort into this book and she has created a world that has a lot of potential. Perhaps the next installment will realize it.

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick