Immortal Heat, The Guardians of Dacia, #1


Marilyn Reddlin travels to Romania to study Dacian history with Professor Vamier - only she never makes it to him. After landing she’s accosted by a sexy man who says he’s there to protect her and send her back home. When they are attacked, she takes him at his word, but reserves judgment on whether she’s jumped from the frying pan into the fire, or landed safely away from danger as they try to stay a step ahead of their pursuers. Draylon Conier has spent thousands of years trying to repay a debt and keeping Marilyn safe will see it done. But there’s something different about her and while he’s sure he can keep her safe from Vamier’s goons, he’s not so sure he can keep her safe from his true self.


History, mythology and paranormal co-mingle in this fantastical tale of vampires, werewolves and mythical beasts. Taking an ancient kingdom and weaving a well-told supernatural story explaining its downfall gives the reader a very different and exciting explanation than is chronicled in dry history books. Marilyn and Draylon are strong-willed characters and watching them butt heads makes for some entertaining moments. In addition, the heat between them is off the charts and secondary characters hold their own. However, the plot stumbles on occasion, Marilyn’s mystery is too long drawn out and one of Draylon’s actions is too abhorrent for this reader to believe in the heroine's milquetoast acquiescence. With a little trimming here and a little grooming there, this tale could be soaring high as a dragon flies!


Carol Conley