Illusions Begin

N. L.

When she was a little girl, pampered only child Katherine Rebecca (Becky) saw a magician at a circus.  Thus began a lifelong obsession with learning how to do every trick she saw. Though loving to a fault, her parents had raised her to take over the family law firm, and that left no room for illusions or magic.  A month out of law school, things begin to happen and her obsession becomes reality.


Who hasnt had an experience from childhood that frames at least one secret passion for the rest of our lives? Building on that once in a lifetime event, the story adeptly shows a young woman who excelled in everything and finished law school early, only to loathe every moment inside the office. Unlike many other fish out of waterstories, the parents are not demeaningly hateful, just lovingly oblivious.  When Becky meets a true magician it paves the way for her to grow beyond her parents. While "Illusions Begin" is a journey, getting to the point takes too long, with odd bumps that are descriptive but seem to have little relevance to the story.  Even if the reader knows this is first book of a series the end is abrupt, almost in the middle of a thought. There are many homonym errors, and the shifting spacing of lines, words and fonts is very distracting. 


More detailed editing would truly make this series opener shine.  N.L. Greene has created a truly unique and intriguing world of magic that has been opened up; our world, where innate human sensitivity that all have, determines the ability to do magic.  


Julie York