The Hunter’s Realm


The boundary between the Magical Realm and the Other Side is thinning.  The Realm’s best hunter is tasked with blending in with the humans and retrieving Realm escapees.  Elliot Hensworth thought his well-honed warrior skills would be used catching formidable adversaries - instead, he's prowling after dumpster-raiding pixies!  Life takes an interesting turn when he meets his sexy new neighbor and her cute children.  Both guard secrets.  Danger lurks over the horizon and it’s about to rip their world wide open. 


“The Hunter’s Realm” has a set of continually escalating obstacles for the hero and heroine to face, which moves the plot at a very fast pace.  At times, the plot moves faster than the characters can credibly reveal themselves to the reader.  The heroine has been hiding from an abusive ex-boyfriend for many years; yet, her behavior isn’t consistent with her situation.  The remedy is to accept that this is a light-hearted paranormal romance - using darker themes as a source of conflict - and welcome the escapism. The heroine’s children are the shining moments.  They are true to type and adorable!  The dialogue and world-building are problematic areas.  The manner of speaking flows awkwardly – switching from military jargon to modern slang to Victorian speech.  The fantasy element of the Magical Realm includes castles, magic, and modern armed forces construct, creating confusing imagery.  The romance is fast and furious!  The reader will have to face forward and hang on for the bumpy ride.  


Anna Fitzgerald