The Hunted One (End of Days #1)


Michaela, the General of the Archangels, certainly didn't see THIS coming.  Betrayed by her fellow archangels, accused of treason, her wings taken by Lucifer - not to mention Archangel Gabriel imprisoned. Things are definitely not going her way.  Now everyone is hunting her and allies are thin on the ground - Clark, a human who found her wounded and helped her, and Gabriel. That will have to be enough, because the consequences of her defeat would be apocalyptic. Literally.


A promising premise - there's just something about angels that makes a reader sit up and pay attention!  Unfortunately, the execution here leaves much to be desired. The main problem lies within the characters, especially Michaela. She is written as an ancient and powerful Archangel, and yet she reads more like an immature and indecisive sixteen year-old. It's hard to reconcile that Michaela with the General who leads the Archangels. The same is true for most of the other angels with a few exceptions - like the Angel of Death, Loki, who left a good impression. Just a warning, the ending leaves a lot of things unresolved. Although one hopes they will be cleared up in the sequel, it  doesn’t negate the unsatisfactory feeling when closing the book. All in all, it is an intriguing plot line that could've been better with more developed characters and at least a few tied up threads.


Ana Smith