The Hunted: Fracture, The Secret Enemy Saga, Bk 2


Although the traitors have been taken care of, the Couton, a race of women who drain people of their memories until they kill them, have discovered Earth.  It is a playground ripe for the picking with no holds barred.  Tegrin, the guardian of both worlds, is all that stands between them and their goal.  Little do they know, however, that he has a powerful weapon and ally in the newly trained Kristina.
Kristina, born of both worlds and gifted as both a guardian and a seer, lived quietly unaware until the Couton murdered her parents.  That set in motion a series of events that will determine her destiny.  Together with Tegrin - the dangerous man she is quickly and foolishly falling in love with, and her friends, she must fight to keep her life and her world from utter destruction.
The second in an exciting new series, “The Hunted” is an enthralling and completely addicting delight!  This story grabs the reader from the very first page, wraps them around its fingers and never lets go.  The subject matter is considerably darker than the first installment with the murders more numerous and descriptive. The holes in the secondary storyline of Jimmy and Sissy do stand out since much of the story revolves around Sissy’s hometown of New Orleans and her past. It is frustrating but doesn’t lessen the action, tension and suspense. The relationship and love that is deepening between Kristina and Tegrin is, in itself, ample reason to anxiously await the next book!

TJ Mackay