Hunger Moon (Loki’s Wolves #1)


FOLKLORE:  Victoria Storm is trying desperately to keep her pack of werewolves from becoming extinct. Not an easy task when she must fight hunters at every turn, especially when the ones she is fighting are the family of her deceased lover. Victoria is not only a werewolf, but a Shaman and Valkyrie, and at the bequest of the Goddess Freya finds herself in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, seeking a possible mate in order to save her pack.


Arik Koenig is an alpha - one without a pack. When Victoria seeks out Arik, will she be able to seduce the alpha into accepting her and her pack? Arik is an attorney with a dead wife, a son with a huge chip on his shoulder and more baggage than American Airlines!  Together with a decades old curse by an evil witch, the ghostly appearances of Arik's wife, not to mention hunters, and all of this will keep them on their toes fighting tooth and nail to find the happiness and answers they deserve. 


Wow! Valkyrie, Goddesses, werewolves, shaman, and throw in a ghoul. One wouldn’t think that all of these characters would mesh, but holy doodles…they do! One would be hard pressed not to find one’s emotions running amok in this intriguing story. Logan is an obnoxious, smart-mouthed character one loves to hate, but ends up loving in the end! Just a small warning, not only will laughter occur, one might need a tissue or two. Anticipation for book 2 is now the leading emotion of this reviewer. Write fast Ms. Snark!


Tonya Smalley