A Hundred Breaths

Jean M.

HISTORICAL:  Gwen is a healer,  desperate and willing to do anything to save her little brother, Kendrick, from certain death at their abusive father’s hands. This includes marrying Simon, one of her tribe's biggest foes, a Scotsman. Simon promises Gwen that if she will marry him, he will send for her brother to come live with them. But Simon’s plotting father has other plans. Gwen’s sister, Venora, is a seer, and she tells Gwyn that Simon will die in the next battle because he will require a hundred breaths to be saved, and that would potentially kill Gwyn as each breath she uses to heal someone detracts from her lifelong breaths. Will she be able to save her brother in spite of everything set against her? Or will Simon and Gwyn find love on a rocky path?

Bravo! “A Hundred Breaths” by Jean M. Grant is a daring and fabulous tale of love finding its way no matter the cost. The author excels in plot and character development, and readers will absolutely turn the pages quickly, desperate to hurry and find out what happens next. The editing is clean but needs a slight bit of work. Gwyn is a character everyone will love as her heart is pure and her magical abilities to heal are quite refreshing. Simon is the perfect gentleman, worthy of Gwyn’s affection. For those who love historical romance, pick up this remarkable story. “A Hundred Breaths” is an award-worthy and astonishing story of love and hope, with a little bit of magic thrown in!

Tiffany Landers