House of Seven Spirits


Jillian sees ghosts. She is a paranormal blogger who researches haunted buildings. When she encounters a spirit haunting a building, she will talk with them to find out what their story is. Jillian is called to the Australian Outback where a seven-member family went missing in the 1800’s. Jillian and her boyfriend Mason, who is from Australia, hop on a plane to go investigate.  What Jillian did not expect to encounter was the unbearable heat, solving the mystery of an entire family's murder, and meeting a cantankerous old lady who still harbors bitterness in her soul against the murdered family.

What a great mystery! Ms. Howard combines suspense, romance, vengeance, and ghosts to weave a story that is engrossing from page one. The writing allows the reader a glimpse into life in the Outback and its harsh environment. The character of Nan really stands out. One minute you think she is crazy and the next perfectly sane. Her contrasting personalities will keep the reader guessing to the end. The character of Mason (Jillian’s boyfriend) is a disappointment. He is written as kind of lack-luster and with not much personality. He does not add much to the story nor in the romance department. Truthfully, the purpose he serves is being from Australia. There is a satisfying ending for the most part with the mystery surrounding the death of the Kinsley family finally solved, the souls put to rest at last, and the promise of more adventure for Jillian in her career.

Carly Fulmer