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HISTORICAL: Widow, Rachael is betrothed to her enemy, the Lion of the South, by her uncle. Her son needs a father, but Rachael does not wish to wed any time soon after surviving one bad marriage. Lord Lionel lost his wife many years ago and is unable to control his daughter. He needs a wife who can help raise her, so he agrees to the betrothal.

TIME TRAVEL: Griffin Nightshade is an historian who inherits a home and accidentally travels to the past where he meets Lady Margaret Ravenwood. The loss of his parents has made him afraid of loving anyone again for fear that he will lose them some day.

Kitsune Enchantment
Margaret L.

PARANORMAL: Shannon loves her job at the bookstore but finds out she is going to lose it. She writes graphic novels on the side and is hoping to sell one of her series to a publisher. Ryo is an artist who works with Shannon on her projects but is quiet and keeps disappearing. They are attracted to each other, but neither has made the first move or tried to pursue a relationship.

Louisa has her eye on Phineas Hawke, the Viscount of Barrington, until she overhears him insulting her at a Ball. His insult hits a little too close to home, disclosing a secret she has been too ashamed to admit to even her closest family. Since then, she has loathed the man, making her feelings abundantly clear to him and everyone else. He, in turn, teases her relentlessly.

When Brendan Redbird’s girlfriend turns out to be cheating on him, he decides to take a leave of absence from his job in the medical field to get his head on straight again. He goes to visit his (very) pregnant sister and grandmother in Cat’s Paw Cove. There he discovers many talking cats and a beautifully intriguing water nymph named Tessa.