House of Ash and Brimstone (Gatewalkers Book 1)


Bounty hunting is not an easy job, especially when it comes to dealing with otherworldly creatures. Gisele is a half-demon with no memory of her past, but who does her job well. It also helps that she can heal quickly since she tends to push her limits. Her most recent assignment requires her to steal a curio for a client. In the process, she frees a minotaur, named Beast, who intends to stay by her side. However, something is wrong. Buildings are burning and creatures are on the loose. She reluctantly partners up with Shade. However, there is something more to him; they seem to have a connection from her past. This journey will not only take her to the depths of hell but on a journey to discover herself.

This paranormal is filled with nonstop action from the very beginning! The action scenes are incredibly detailed and make it feel so realistic. There is so much action that there is little time for development. One would not guess that this is the first book in the series because it felt as if some details are missing, making it difficult to follow at times. Unfortunately, the characters are a bit bland. Gisele is not exactly the smartest bulb in the bunch. She is strong but seems a bit oblivious. Shade is very cliched. He is brooding and conflicted 95% of the time. Not Beast, of course, he is phenomenal. Although this world is incredibly unique, readers will want to know more about the gates of Hell. To those who love paranormal, better be prepared for this wild ride!

Amanda Hupe