Hook (The Untold Stories of Neverland #1)


FANTASY/FAIRYTALES:  Archie Jameson has longed for adventure for quite a long time. He never quite imagined it would come in the form of being captured by pirates (not just any pirate either, but Blackbeard!), but, well, he’s not going to refuse a gift from fate now, will he? With every battle, fairy and impossible things seen and done he’s one step further from his dull life and the print shop. He finds treasure, life and magic. And then he finds Neverland. And then Peter Pan. And then…he starts losing things, instead.


Fans of “Once Upon a Time” and “Maleficient” will not want to miss this one! Fairy tale retellings might be all the rage, but an original take with a twist never fails to be new. The author has done a great job of making this story have the “feel” of an old fae tale, with the writing style and well-known details fitting in neatly. Can anyone not feel a thrill seeing a background of a beloved tale (and an explanation for the ticking crocodile!) and reconsidering it in this new light?


There is room for improvement, however. The road to Neverland is a bit slow, and more intensity and tangibility when it comes to Archie and his emotions would’ve worked miracles in sucking a reader even more in to the story. However, this remains a lovely tale and a great start to an inviting series!


Mimi Smith