Hook: Dead to Rights (Captain Hook)


FANTASY/FAIRYTALE:  Captain Hook and her band of pirates, maintain constant vigil in the sky seas of Neverland, ever ready to do battle with infamous Peter Pan.  In this retelling, Hook is a woman, her first mate a man-tiger; she is soothed not by violence as much as by the music from her personal mistral, Mr. Brown. Notables like Smee and Tinkerbell are craftily woven into the story, but there are new characters too — enough to reinvigorate a child’s tale into something exciting and refreshing. The chase isn’t over, and Peter Pan may or may not be the forever-young wild boy readers are familiar with.

“Hook: Dead to Rights” is a remarkable adaption of J.M. Barrie’s original work. Taken from Hook’s point of view, Ms. Snark artfully reveals the mystery behind one of fantasy’s vilest villains. She offers the reader a chance to ponder Hook’s deeper tragic past, through her eyes.  Although Pan’s character at times seems a bit flaccid and Wendy’s character seems out of form. Ms. Snark more than makes up for this with the multi-layered characters of First Mate Starkey, Mr. Brown and Hook herself.  It’s a swashbuckling tale of heroism, tyranny, and what can happen when the heart believes. 

Fans of “Peter Pan” will love this retelling. Ms. Snark’s masterful imagery will awaken in every reader, the forever-young child at heart!

Kimberly Gunvaldson