To Hold a Siren's Heart (Redemption's Price Book 1)

Rachel Leigh

Megan Kincade is the daughter of one of the most powerful shifter alphas in the world and attracted to David Michaels. As a siren, David is her enemy. Connected to each through Megan's brother Owen, who David has claimed as his own, they are working together to save Owen’s life. However, by trying to heal her brother, David runs the risk of losing his own life and starting a war that could cost the lives of many shifters. To make matters worse, there is the desire that blazes between Megan and David: a flame that ignited seven years ago  in a one-night stand that neither can forget. 

This paranormal romance takes Greek and Egyptian mythology, adds in gods, shapeshifters, sirens, and different types of powers to create an innovative story that will have readers turning the pages rapidly from beginning to end.  With well-defined characters that are engaging and a plot that flows smoothly and unfettered, this well-written tale captures the reader’s attention and has one sitting on the edge of one's seat as the story unfolds with its action and twists and turns. In addition, the vivid descriptions and attention to detail bring this novel to life. This is an enthralling dip into the paranormal world of romance filled with danger, adventure, and passion, which are magically woven together to form a captivating reading experience that is long remembered.

Janna Shay