His Witch to Keep


Serenity is one of seven Pleiades witches, but not the crooked finger murmuring spells kind. Trained as an agent, she tracks criminals in the non-magical world. Years ago she met Alexi, an assassin with her name on his “to do” list. She didn’t walk away from their encounter unscathed. Between life and death, passion boiled over one very unforgettable night. With a healthy price tag on her head, they join forces to find out who wants her dead. It’s not easy for Serenity to keep her desire in check while Alexi has her wound up in sensual knots.


Witches and reapers, hang onto your broomsticks and sickles! “His Witch to Keep” will have you guessing who the bad guy is while cheering for Serenity and Alexi to say, “ta heck with the gods, we’re a kickass couple and love each other.” They eradicate a lot of bad guy booty when they’re together. Ms. Forward writes with a power pen and sharp dialogue between the characters. Serenity reflects a tough but passionate Secret Service agent, but her role as a powerful witch isn’t explained to any depth. She’s referred to as powerful, but her only demonstrated gift is to travel between dimensions. Written into the plot is the seen before but still adored wannabe boyfriend who loves Serenity. Unfortunately her feelings don’t exceed best friend status. 

An urban fantasy suspense, “His Witch to Keep” is a book to read, and the second novel in the “Keeper of the Veil” series. 

Sloane Austen