His Wicked Desire: A Vieux Witch Sister Novel


Brye is struggling to overcome a Warlock attack which left her horrifically scarred. She’d always been one to rely on her looks to get her what she wants, and now she feels like she has lost something very important. When she’s given an ultimatum to join the Warlocks or her family will die, she must find a way to get out of it. Josh has always had feelings for Brye no matter how much she’s tried to push him away. Josh is relentless and hell bent on ensuring that Brye sees just how special she is to him both on in the inside, and the outside.

This author has certainly offered everything on a delicious plate with this novel. One sexy-as-sin male, determined to make sure the woman he loves sees herself as he sees her. A once-confident woman who has been through hell and comes back fighting. The pace of this book is such that the reader will not want to put it down no matter what time of night. The verbal sparring between Brye and Josh is fantastic as they grow closer to one another. Add a determined and powerful enemy and this book has the recipe for an awesome page turner!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick