His Magic Touch


Jared Dupre is getting married to the woman he loves. However, the night before, he is warned that Adam Montief, a demonic witch, has kidnapped his brother. He must break up with his fiancée and rescue his brother, or both of them will be killed. He fights his foe and believes that he has won so returns to New Orleans to try and make things up with his love. However, his enemy returns and threatens everything he adores. Kendra, his fiancée gets involved with another and Jared has to fight again to reunite with the woman he loves. He enlists help from his ancestor’s spirit. Will Jared defeat his enemy and reunite with Kendra?

The action begins on the first page of this book. Jared is thrown into turmoil the night before his wedding. The plot moves at a brisk pace and will keep people entertained throughout the chapters. The action sequences are well written and described. However, there are aspects of the book where description and setting could have been more in depth. It took away from the flow of the book and could have pulled readers further into the action of the book. Despite this, the relationship between Jared and Kendra is intense and it's clear that they love one another. There is the constant question of whether they will make it in the end. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick