Highlander Reborn

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It’s the year 1304, and 26-yr-old Scottish blacksmith, Nevin Maclachlan has been hunting vampires ever since his wife was killed by one. One night Amalia, the Queen of Nightkind (vampires) confronts Nevin as he stalks her. As he waits for her to attack instead of just trying to kill her, she becomes intrigued by his honor. Over the course of a few months she watches him. Nevin is mortally wounded in a great battle, however,  and Amalia must decide whether to let him die or turn him into what he despises. She can’t bear to let him go, so she turns him, but when he discovers what she’s done he walks away from her.
Seven centuries pass before she seeks him out. Some of the Nightkind in her seethe have been killed and she needs his bounty hunting skills to help find the culprit. Seven centuries is a long time to hold a grudge. Will he help or tell her to take a hike? Will Amalia persuade him or will she be forced to compel him?
A person forced into a situation he despises is a great plot device because it can go two different directions, acceptance or hatred. The plot in this short story is tight, the writing smooth, the tension high and there is even a mystery to solve. Throw in a few steamy scenes, a prophecy and a crazy vampire and a truly great story is told! The ending was a tad rushed and is a cliffhanger, but overall, “Highlander Reborn” is a very fine read!
Carol Conley