Hidden Carmina (Second Breath Chronicles) Volume 1


What would you do if you found out you were the only human in a clan of vampires? Would you be frightened and freak out? Or would you take everything in stride? Carmina Nightshade is not your normal human being but no one is quite sure exactly what it is about her that is unique. She is neither vampire nor werewolf and she doesn’t seem to be a hybrid. When she meets Liam Moretti, she is transfixed. Carmina wants nothing more than to spend the rest of her life with him but is she willing to give up her ‘life’ to do just that? Will she be able to choose? She turns the immortal world ‘upside down’ and causes myth and truth to become intertwined and brought to the surface. 

Adri Sinclair is a weaver of words, worlds, and characters that come alive on the pages of her book. She has a wonderful way about her writing that intrigues and draws a reader in. Although there were some grammatical errors “Hidden Carmina” (Second Breath Chronicles) is a well-written book. Adri Sinclair’s plot is unique and cannot be defined as fan fiction. It certainly stands on its own and readers will be entranced from the first page to the very last. Four stars go to the unique story and the fascinatingly well-written book. 

Mary-Nancy Smith