Hidden (Alpha Wolf's Pet #1)


Margaret Isabelle Abbott could never be herself again. Seriously - she’s been deleted from the records of history after entering witness protection. Having slipped up and been found by the Russian mob seeking to eradicate her from the earth for real, she was once again relocated. The tiny community of Wolf Woods, her new home, was beyond rustic, yet quaint. Nonetheless, Mia would forever be looking over her shoulder and fearing for her life until she meets her new neighbor, Dominic Wolfe. A dominating man that oozes sex appeal, he sweeps Mia off her feet and into his heart. 


Sizzling sex drips from the pages once Mia and Dom come together as a couple. The fun and games don’t come easy, but once they start they are a delectable read - a wine and chocolate romance moment for any female reader. Never fear, male readers will connect with the alpha werewolf and his pack. The intrigue that exists because of Mia’s past keeps an emotional energy of fear and protection running consistently from start to finish. A small cast of characters works for this taunting tale of romance with mystery, mayhem, and money. Dominic draws the reader in with his alpha manhood, while Mia is a flower that beautifies every moment. The only problem that exists…it ends too soon. Never fear, the next Alpha Wolf’s Pet story is ready and waiting for the reader to snatch up and paw from beginning to end, as fast as this one!


Penelope Anne Bartotto