Hidden – The Silverton Chronicles, Book 3


When teen-aged werewolf Heidi is left dead on her pack’s doorstep in Silverton, CA, Ali, the pack’s accountant and second-in-command goes against pack rules and teams up with vampire Eli, Assistant Director of the Interracial Enforcement Agency (IEA) to find her murderer.  The two investigate Heidi’s death with the assistance of an eager demon informant named Jack and two agents of IEA, hoping to find and stop the work of a serial killer that has targeted Kin teenagers. In one storm-filled night, the two men manage to face off against demon assassins, track down a serial killer and uncover a diabolical plot against all Kin as they flirt with a growing attraction for each other.

“Hidden,” the third installment in Carmen Fox’s Silverton Chronicles, is a truly cool who-done-it with bite! A gripping mystery told from an uptight werewolf’s and a flirty vampire’s perspective is a unique twist to a familiar story of murder and the search for vengeance and justice. First time readers may not appreciate the small bit of background as they are abruptly dropped into the world of Silverton’s Kin; however, the intriguing curves hidden in this story more than make up for the oversight. The different species, witty dialogue, and non-stop action make this fast-paced tale a sure fire hit with mystery buffs and fantasy geeks. The flirty banter that accompanies the slow build up to a romance is secondary to the plot. Ms. Fox delivers a captivating paranormal mystery filled with shadows, treachery, and danger, in a world of compelling supernatural beings that will surely encourage readers to hunt for the first two books in the series!

Tonya Mathenia