Hexes and O’s (Singles Town Book 1)


Orphan Remington Smith, a struggling costume designer who longs for a family, inherits a house in her hometown of Knotty from her best friend who unexpectedly passes away... along with a list of things she must complete in order to keep it. What Remington doesn’t know is that her new house is haunted by the ghost of her best friend, Beth, among others, and the whole town is under a curse placed on it by a former Knotty witch.  With the help of ghost Beth, Remington must learn how to be the new Knotty witch, and help Beth solve undead mysteries, all while avoiding falling in love with her sex-on-a-stick neighbor, Jason, because the curse will never allow him to love her back.

“Hexes and O’s” has some one-liners that will have the reader laughing out loud! There is definitely a decent sense of humor woven throughout the entire story. However, the author will hint at a mystery or problem, not mention it again for a while and then give just scant information, with no hint of a resolution or answer which gets a little frustrating. So many things are happening throughout the story that it feels as if numerous things aren’t adequately resolved with proper depth before the story comes to its somewhat anticlimactic ending. The chemistry between Remington and Jason is well done, although the on-off, back and forth of their relationship is a little irritating. The secondary characters are quirky and definitely add some humor to the story. An interesting start to a new series.  

Katy Nielsen