Hereditary Magic (Blood and Bone Legacy, book 1)

Suzanne M

Brittany Hughes is the most powerful witch of her generation, not that this does her much good. Orphaned and abandoned by her coven, Brittany struggles to learn her craft in a world that fears her. She’s not entirely alone, though. She has been taken into the local vampire colony and werewolf pack and found a protector in gorgeous werewolf Everett Cooper. Too bad he only sees her as a friend.

There is a murderer loose in Columbus. A supernatural killer is draining the life out victims, threatening to expose the magical community to the public. As Brittany and Everett race to catch the killer, the danger becomes personal. The killer will stop at nothing to catch Brittany and drain her of her abilities. When Brittany finds herself at the mercy of an ancient evil, will she find strength and courage enough to save herself and everything she loves?

A spin-off series from Ms. Sabol’s “The Blushing Death” vampire series, “Hereditary Magic” invites readers to an immersive, incredibly detailed magical world. Vampire, witches, Fae, sorceri - all have their place here. The cast is massive, with fully fleshed out characters and a plucky, lovelorn heroine leading the charge.  The villains are one-note and forgettable, but the fast-paced, frequently funny prose keeps the reader glued to the page. “Hereditary Magic” is tremendous fun and will have readers not only wanting more of “Blood and Bone Legacy”, but also heading back to the original series to see how this whole thing started! 

Janice Martin