Her Last Request


Patricia Stevens is dying and her only regret is leaving the granddaughter she loves so dearly alone.  That is why she pleads with the angel of death to watch over Samantha, comfort her and help her through her grief.

Ithiel has never received a request like this before and although his nature is to help and comfort, he agrees only to check in on Sam.  As he silently watches her, however, he sees what an incredibly, kind and beautiful woman she is, so he decides to show himself and give it a try.

Samantha is devastated.  Her grandmother was her rock and her joy in the days that followed Sam’s horrible divorce.  Now with nothing but the insecurities left from a cheating husband who insisted her unattractive plus-size body was the reason for his dalliances, Sam is suddenly introduced to the heart-throb of a man her grandma has been telling her about.  How will she ever measure up to Ithiel’s beauty and what is it about him that just seems different?

This story represents both the best and the worst of self-publishing.  Daye’s story is wonderfully unique and endearing, her characters are warm and likable.  The mechanics of the story, however, are not.  There are numerous misspelled words, grammar gaffes and the sentence structure is basic at best. And, with no underlying depth to the characters, the insta-love made the relationship suspect throughout.  Overall, this story has great bones, great sex but that’s about it.  With a little more time and attention this one could have been awesome.

Ruth Lynn Ritter