Her Forbidden Knight (Saint’s Grove Book 3)


HISTORICAL:  In Medieval times, Arabella was a fair maiden and Jaden was her faithful knight. They were destined never to be a couple because Ulric interfered and killed Arabella. Jaden became an angel after his own death, and has been mourning Arabella's loss for centuries. Now, it is modern times and Arabella is reincarnated as the independent Bella and Jaden has been sent to protect her from Ulric again. Bella has no recollection of her days as Arabella and of her great love for Jaden, who wants nothing more than to live out his days with her. Will he be successful enough so Bella will remember and want him enough so he can live out his days as a mortal with her?


This is an uncommon novel in that it is written in both the present and medieval times and the stories are told side by side. Bella, Jaden, and Ulric star together in the two tales, but the accounts have vastly different endings. There is a richness to the depth of the characters that adds color to the tales, no matter in what time they reside. Ms. Fall has a wonderful mastery of writing that brings her readers into the story. They are engrossed with the demons that come spewing out of the depths of Hell and are enamored with those who can vanquish them. This is a matchless novel that deserves to be in everyone’s romance library!


Belinda Wilson