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Alina Lehrer co-owns Vibrant Life Incorporated, a self-improvement business where she uses her clairvoyance to provide life coaching advice. Alina is a descendant of the Anunnaki, magical beings that include fairies and wizards. Moreover, she is the heir to the fairy crown. A century ago, murder and betrayal led to a war between fairies and wizards, and the fairy crown became lost.

What is Legacy? Is it breeding? Tradition? Diego comes from a subordinate witch family with no pedigree, and ended up losing the one woman who owned his heart. Diego “Crash” Benitas fell in love with Ruby “Cover Girl” Donovan when they were still teenagers, but Legacy, threats, and deception drove them apart. Twenty years later, their paths cross again.

Clay Wolfe is a former Boston homicide detective who has returned to his hometown of Port Essex, Maine. Life as a private investigator in a small town is certainly less stressful, but real life intrudes into Clay’s idyllic world when he is hired by Crystal Landry to find the culprit who sold the tainted heroin that her daughter inadvertently used to poison her own infant.

LGBTQ: A samurai warrior with a reputation for killing a thousand men and drinking the blood of his fallen enemy. A male geisha who provides song and hospitality at a place of repose. Two very different personalities make a stunning connection. Two sides of a yin and yang, reaching for one another.

Protected by a Vampire (Immortal Hearts of San Francisco, Book 5)
Susan Griscom
Narrators: John York and Gracia Gilland

PARANORMAL: At the age of seventeen, Acelyn “Ace” Baird was rescued in an alleyway by the most gorgeous man she’d ever laid eyes on. Years later, she still finds herself drawn to him… and searching. Low and behold, fate brings them together again! Gage McAllister is that man, and he wants nothing to do with her for the sole reason that he is a vampire and she is a human.