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A Duke, Love, & Sunshine

Iona Richards leaves her home to try and make it in a male dominated society. She is alone, until she meets the Duke of Rosewood. Iona wants to work as a landscape architect, and she is very good at her job. She goes around trying to find jobs to showcase her talent.

To Sketch a Killer

Sarah Quinlee loves to sketch what she sees in the world. While she also wants a job incorporating her art, she is a valuable employee for a small insurance agency. On her way to work, she is shocked to discover a dead man no one seems to know.

The Light of Love: A Heart’s Through History Winter Anthology
Ruth A. Casie, Joan Koster, Heather Hallman, Opal Iden, Doreen Jensen,
Jaylee Austin, Niki J. Mitchell, Elf Ahearn, Julia Masters

ANTHOLOGY: Composed of ten short stories, this anthology runs readers sporadically through history, jumping through different love stories. As a bonus, readers get to watch each of the protagonists fall in love during the time of the winter solstice.

CONTEMPORARY: ‘Love em and Leave em’ Liam Jones is the definition of a bad boy. Liam, the lead guitarist in his rock band Black Velvet Machine, is desperate to bring them back into the spotlight, which means finding a perfect new lead singer.

The Creole Duchess

In Place Publique, New Orleans, Caleb Reginald Elmond Wirtham, Duke of Margris goes simply by Caleb “Cal” Elmond to do business with a local bookseller. Caleb, while there, witnesses the sensual dancing of the ethereal Miss Celestine “Celie” St Cyr-Duval. Cal is instantly drawn to Celie despite the warnings to avoid her because of her dubious, questionable background.