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The Paradise Planets: The Fallen From Paradise
Shaun Barrowes
Narrator: Maya Tuttle and a Full Cast

YOUNG ADULT: Kassiana has always known a life of privilege on the planet of Nemal. As part of the Paradise Planet system, she’s also always known that all sirens must partake in the siren games. Because of her status, she’s never thought much of it… then she is taken from home and forced to live on Earth as a lower status citizen.

Chrys and Verity have been working with one another for some time. There is no one Chrys trusts more, so when he is sent on a mission that takes him across the galaxy, it only makes sense that Verity come along for the ride. Verity has desired Chrys for a long time, and has been searching for a way to get him to notice her.

Hester Seckman

DYSTOPIAN: In the future, Earth is abandoned by humans, and a group of them settle on a foreign planet. Here, the inhabitants decide to create a different version of life, one where the men and women live separately. While the women are in charge and have control over society in Rightside, the men live in harder times on Wrongside.

Wiccan Mirror

PARANORMAL: Isis and Zack have been through a lot in their teenage lives. Nothing is quite like what hits them next, though! When the Witches of Vegas return for a reunion show, Isis finds herself being accused of murdering someone from her past. The person she needs the most, Zack, is abducted.

Kal is an angel who is stuck on a frozen planet named Laxxar, and his memory has been wiped clean. Indra is on a mission to rescue a foreign angel and she has a sidekick who just so happens to be a telepathic cat named Panthera. Indra herself is also telepathic and a trained warrior, although she doesn’t usually feel like she is warrior material.