Her Eternal Rogue


HISTORICAL:  Alexander Barrington, Earl of Berkeley, is better known to his crew mates as Captain Sword.  He is a notorious pirate and, even worse, a vampire.  Captured by the British authorities and desperate to keep his vampire nature a secret, he bargains to rescue a kidnapped woman from the French in return for his freedom.  He liberates Lavinia Sinclair from her abductors with ease.  The problems come during their journey home, when Alex has a hard time keeping his hands (and mouth) off her.  Since Lavinia is engaged to another man, Alex tries to erase her memory of their time together when he returns her to her betrothed, but although he may be able to remove himself from her mind, he has left an everlasting impression upon her heart.  


Lavinia starts off as a strong character, trying to free herself from the French, but becomes weaker as the book progresses, allowing the men around her to dictate her actions.  Alex is a fine tortured hero, but his being a vampire as well as a pirate seems like an unnecessary complication.  While the lovers are together on Alex’s ship, the story flows nicely, yet once Lavinia is reunited with her fiancé in London, the plot becomes darker and a bit harder to follow.  Because of all the hardships Lavinia endures, readers will root for her to receive a happy ending.  A little simplification could take this tale from being merely good to being dashingly great!


Leslie Stokes