Her Druid Fantasy (The Amber Druid Series Book 2)

Trish F.

Vivienne Rockport is the successful and proud owner of a high-end antique shop.  Part of her pride comes from the belief that she has achieved her success on her own. When she discovers that Ramsey McMurray, the handsome Wall Street executive she secretly desires, might be instrumental in her stop’s success, she becomes distressed and seeks out the truth. However, Ramsey’s overwhelming charisma and charm, good looks and suave mannerisms have her at a disadvantage. When Vivienne uncovers a hard truth that changes her world, she turns to the only man she trusts to help her.


This well-written romance is a prolific take on the paranormal world, carrying the reader down the sensual path of true love and demonstrating the lengths to which a person will go for the person they love. The pacing is good and the main characters are well developed with the chemistry between them scorching hot. The simmering sexual tension builds until the pages threaten to ignite, yet at the same time seems to drag a bit too long, becoming almost frustrating in the interim. Even so, the smoldering desire and sizzling passion with underlying deep, abiding love that manifests between the protagonists is well worth the wait.


Ms. Leger does a good job of conveying the feelings and emotions of the characters as well as, making them come alive. The sex scenes are hot and dense with a deep connection between the characters, giving them an almost empyreal quality. Filled with passion, love, and sensuality, this enthralling novel grabs the readers from the very first page and holds on long after the last page is read!


Janna Shay