Her Dragon’s Fire (Dragon Guards #2)


Grace is a hard-working lawyer, a champion for the little man.  Her dedication to her job supersedes any relationship - until she becomes obsessed with Aidan, a man she’s never met in person.  Work-related business has her dropping things off at Aidan’s apartment and watering his plants. Often she catches herself just inhaling his essence while in his apartment. Imagining what he’s like from his possessions and scent. It calls to her.


Aidan is well aware of Grace.  He's known that she is his fated mate for years, but there are dark powers that would keep the two of them apart. Aidan’s goal is to keep her safe until he’s ready to reveal her destiny as his soul mate, but fate has a different timetable. A case turns deadly for Grace forcing her into the unseen, magical world of the Dragon Guard where fire is more than a word; it’s a state of being. 


“Her Dragon’s Fire” is the second in the Dragon Guard series.  A suspenseful tale that combines very steamy love scenes with the seamy side of politics, Julia Mills writes tight, evocative prose that will keep the reader anxiously devouring page after page. Powerful imagery revealing Grace’s real world and Aidan’s mystical one will keep a reader furiously turning pages as the tightly wound plot unfolds.  This erotic romance delivers thrills, sensuality and magic. It’s perfect for those who like dragons and suspense mixed in with their romance, and readers will be clamoring for the third book in the series!


Morgan Stamm