Hellhound Bound

D. Thomas

To pay for sins in his past life, Rhune has taken on the job of hellhound, which consists of delivering souls to the City of the Dead for transfer into Hell. He’s continued this existence for fifteen centuries, living a quiet, isolated life of solitude. However, when paralegal Hanna Carmichael travels to Rio Morden to get a witness’ statement for a murder trial, Rhune’s life takes a different turn after Hanna rear ends his vehicle. With a remembrance of seeing her amazing eyes sometime in the past, Rhune discovers that Hanna is a Dreamwalker and may be the next victim in the murder trial. 


This paranormal fantasy starts out a little slow while the necessary background is set but soon picks up speed and continues at a nice pace all the way to its happy conclusion. Randomly shifting scenes at the beginning can be a little confusing, but the persevering reader is rewarded with an intriguing plot and characters that are likeable and engaging. Some editing issues along with changing points of view hinder the flow somewhat; however, they don’t detract from the overall appeal of the story. With its sweet romance that develops at a comfortable pace, the twists and turns that keeps one turning the pages, and the overall imagination of the story, one finds a novel that is not only creative and enjoyable, but also entertaining. 


Janna Shay