Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Dream Child

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  "Dream Child" is the third book in the Dream series. The suspenseful thriller takes up with Sara Alderson’s life as she continues working toward her goal of being a doctor.

Vigilante of Shadows

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  After the loss of his love, shadow demon Aodhan Drummond has made it his personal mission to rid the world of those that would do harm. While he has not punished those who took his love away, he finds satisfaction in helping others.

Love Reawakened

Emma Strachan is a witch who practices her craft for profit. She is hired by a slimy piece of work looking to extract information from his dead cousin about the location of family money.

Raven Sabatier breaks into buildings for a living - legally.  She works for a security firm, testing their systems, and her secret magical powers that let her manipulate air and energy make her uniquely good at her job.  Dr.

Alexandra (Lex) Larson is an archaeology grad student at the University of Washington.  When her skills in translating Egyptian languages land her a spot on an excavation team headed to Egypt, she is thrilled.  After meeting the excavation director, sexy Marcus Bahur, she is even more so.  But just as everything is fal