Hell Becomes Her (Flames of Perdition Book 2)


Del's daughter Jordan is kidnapped by Alfred Waru. They do not intend to harm the girl, but that doesn’t stop Del, Mirren and Jane. They embark on a journey to Battle Mountain Nevada, where they are told Jordan is being held. Upon meeting the Dokkalfar leader, Del, a known assassin for The Throne, does not make a good initial impression. She and her traveling companions must clear that hurdle in order to unravel the true reason for Jordan’s kidnapping.


The initial conflict, around which the plot is built, is organic and completely understandable on a human level. However, the pace of the tale is drastically slowed by explanation unnecessary to advancement of the plot. Actions and reactions are laid out in minute detail, and this advanced reader’s copy has editing issues that may disturb the reading experience. The flicker of a romantic element is not organically created, central to the plot, or believable. The dialogue would feel less stilted if speech tags were used less frequently. The fact that the Elven races speak Danish can be seen as an example of the author’s dedication to research.


This story reads like a continuation; most likely dependent on the first book for a greater understanding of the reasoning behind events in this one.



Heather R. Nielsen