Hearts Unloched


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Kate is an interior designer who can see dead people, which sometimes makes it difficult to do her job. When she's asked to renovate Marco Lareci's hotel on Loch Sheldrake, she can't believe just how gorgeous the owner is. As soon as Marco lays eyes on Kate, he has to have her - she's everything he's ever wanted. Kate, on the other hand, enjoys her singleton life and doesn't want to give it up, despite how attracted she is to Marco. As Kate works on the hotel, she has to deal with a poltergeist that gets too personal. Will Marco be able to convince Kate that being with him is the right thing to do?


Claire Gem has, forgive the pun, written a gem of a book! Kate and Marco are great characters, Marco is smoldering hot and commands attention wherever he goes. Kate is a strong, independent woman who savors her single life, and she's psychic. As the story progresses, Kate's gift becomes clearer and her feelings for Marco deepen. The story flows at a good pace with some aspects which will quicken the page turns. When they are together, the sexual tension between Kate and Marco is electric and so well written that it might cause some stomach flip flops. This is a fantastic book and will have readers running to read other books by this fantastic author. 


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick