Hearthfire (Stonebreaker #1)


FANTASY:  Residents of Hearthfire want for nothing. Carin is one such resident; she has never known the ache of hunger. All that stands before her now is the Journeying, a rite of passage that all villagers must take on their eighteenth harvest. Carin believes her task to be simple. All she must do is travel to the Hidden Glen with her three friends to find her name before returning home to get on with her future. However, her world is shattered when one of her friends is murdered on the day they are meant to leave for the Journeying. As she is forced to open her eyes to the darkness surrounding her homeland’s bounty, she learns that all magic comes at a price and sometimes that price is blood.

 “Hearthfire” is powerful debut to a new series that will grip the reader until the end. Though it sounds like a typical coming-of-age novel, Ms. Mears’ skilled storytelling make this emotional read stand out. Despite the fantastic world, the narrative feels real with complex characters, though, at times, it can be hard to follow their individual accounts. The story also has jargon specific to Mears’ created world, which can be confusing for the reader. There is a glossary at the back of the book but, considering many of the terms initially feel like grammatical errors, it would be more beneficial to have the glossary at the beginning so the reader knows what they are looking for. “Hearthfire” feels different from other coming-of-age stories with its progressive thinking and darker plot line.

Arec Rain