The Heart of War

Lisa Beth
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Exiled from Olympus Ares, the God of War, lives a nearly reclusive life on his private Greek island.  He’s long since lost interest in the world of Mortals.  The Olympian Gods have wrongly cast him out, and his island is his fortress.  When a woman washes up on his shore he instantly suspects trickery.  The only clue to this woman’s identity is the gold chastity belt she wears, which bears the mark of the Celtic God of the Forest and Death.  Together, Ares and the mysterious Fey woman will unlock mysteries and discover whether a cold-blooded warrior has a heart.

The Heart of War is an intense, emotional, action-packed, and remarkably gripping novel!  The characterizations are consistent and boldly unapologetic.  The God of War’s violent, arrogant, and ravenously sexual disposition is not toned down for mass-market appeal.  His apathy would seem to make him an anti-hero, but he also displays heroic qualities.  Ares’ bloodthirsty nature is tempered by his need for justice, his courage, and the love he holds toward those dear to him.   Ms. Darling displays fearlessness in her writing that many readers may appreciate.   The battle and love scenes are well-placed, but there’s a need for tighter writing, as the story lags in areas.  There are also overly descriptive scenes, especially a few violent events that could have used a sparing hand.  (This novel graphically describes very disturbing scenes, which include multiple scenes of gang rape, extreme torture, and incest.)  Overall, The Heart of War is a heart-pounding, roller-coaster ride of a story for those readers craving something dark and edgy.     


Anna Fitzgerald